Case Study: OANDA

Named by WIRED magazine one of “The 10 Non-California Tech Companies You Wished You Worked For”, OANDA approached me with a project: they wanted to increase conversion rate on the Registration funnel by 15%. I took the challenge.

The Registration Funnel UX-UI Redesign was the most customer-facing project at the time. Driven by the Product team, its objective was to streamline the cumbersome, multi-step process of signing up for a new account. A starting point was to look at the current numbers in conversion, evaluate where the biggest drop offs were and define a feasible success area for the redesign. My research started by aiming to focus on the right user.

Business Intelligence is quite effective at OANDA; the quantitative information they provided was crucial to recreate and corroborate UX Personas from User Profiles, improve user segmentation and drive the design effort. A solid team was formed of Social Media managers, Business Intelligence, SEO & SEM, Product Managers, Graphic Designers & Developers. The whole team was involved from the first day in the design exercise.

Mobile, tablet & desktop prototypes were created under my account using Justinmind, these deliverables were used for usability testing and documentations, since they became the specifications package for developers.

Visual Design UI mockups were completed by my Adobe Suite in Illustrator and referenced from the documentation in the specifications. The main aspect of the redesign was to achieve a level of usability that supported interaction with long forms, tedious data-entry sessions while keeping the user engaged in the final objective of reaching the ‘ready to trade’ state. I put into practice a few techniques such as “progressive disclosure” to deal with several form steps and spatial distribution concepts to group or distribute clusters of data and thus ease the cognitive load.

“Boris is a really creative and efficient UX guy! It was great working with him”
Taige Zhang, Product Manager, OANDA

As an end-to-end solution, from Landing Page design to the last step of the Registration Funnel, this redesign project hit our success area, creating a lift of 15 % in the first month and keeping 4 to 5% for several weeks.

I remained involved on other projects during my time at OANDA; the Homepage redesign was one of them. On a close collaboration with with Design Agency ‘Proximity’, I became an advocate for OANDA’s UX guidelines, and ensured the business goals were met at every review. The new home page received many accolades and became a template for future subpage redesign.

Other efforts were as important as any major release:  Implementation of UX Integration of the funding management system with Currensee’s Trade Leader Program, after being acquired by OANDA in 2013.

I also provided expertise and supervision for the redesign of the MarketPulse Blog and OANDA Marketplace Store, redesigned the API and Exchange Rates landing pages and performed A/B testing to optimize engagement and conversion metrics.

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