Case Study: TD Canada Trust

TD’s excellence and dedication to customer experience became palpable with the Account Recommendation Tool. The objective was to increase conversion by redirecting traffic to the account signup pages without compromising the first-time experience. This is how I made it work.


The Account Recommendation tool or aka “Project Mix”, was Developed as a joint effort across multiple departments and teams, testing the resilience of TD’s environment. One word that was popular during those days was “cross-pollination”, capturing the essence within the TD mindset, and a statement right to the heart for the culture aiming for the best UX of the Big Five Banks.

At its core, the app was a quite simple concept: TD will ask you a few questions about who you are,  your financial needs and spending habits; and at the end of the questionnaire TD will suggest a bank account for you. It will also show a comparison with other similar accounts to help you decide.

Since TD has an abundant baggage of knowledge of their users, it was a great starting point  for me to tap into it.

“With Boris on board, our prototypes came earlier, making more iterations possible and cost effective. He produced a large amount of deliverables, indispensable for the project success”
Mark Townsend, Business Analyst, TD Canada Trust Financial Group.

Even though TD has amassed a great deal of User Experience guidelines and UI interaction elements on their user-centric mentality, they still were pursuing a fresh approach on this application, one that can drive a high completion rate. Why completion rate? because the business goal was to drive users to the end of the flow, as they were shown the recommended account, signing up for that account was an ulterior process that could be achieved through many different channels -not just online – that was somewhat imposible to measure.

A team composition of developers, compliance officers, branding managers, project managers and graphic designers was in great synergy to deliver specifications and requirements. As the UX designer, and being part of the fantastic design team at TD, my agile approach was crucial. Kickstart prototypes were developed in paper format and sketch mockups, in an effort to capture the most amount of questions early on.

The main concept for the UX design was: how to create a flow loaded with questions, with no end in sight and still keep the users engaged to reach the recommendation screen? It certainly demanded a few challenges. First, my perspective was to decrease cognitive load on every screen to a minimum; second: present information in a colloquial way – as a conversation, not a form -; third: disregard progress trackers by allowing the user to ‘restart’ easily, bet on the user ‘discovery’ factor rather than a predefined path, and fourth: introduce attractive and engaging interaction controls.

Using the progressive disclosure technique, the app would open in a minimalist separate window, showing questions with a “envelope” style containers. The “tell-me-your spending-habits” step was treated with sliders, promoting user engagement right before the last screen. Specs were delivered in illustrator format with annotations for developers. Usability tests were performed using Morae software with 5 participants, involving the Research Manager, and myself as facilitator.

After its launch, the Account Recommendation Tool achieved a lift of 87% in completion rates, completely recouping the investment and solidifying TD as the most crafted banking experience in Canada across all customer touch points.

See the Tool in Action From the TD website

Other projects during this time include the build of landing page for Preauthorized Payments, a product aiming to switch users from other payment methods for utilities and household expenses. Once launched, the landing page produced a jump of 10% of online visits in the first month. Moreover, my freshly designed logoff pages for TD Bank USA, saw an increase of 40.87% monthly lift in conversion rates; this combined with A/B testing UX optimizations plugged into, helped increase ROI, traffic and signup rates on average for their products.

Collaboration with other great UX designers was at its highest for the Auto insurance quoter. This project brought me to work with the entire design team of great minds at TD. We developed User Interface Design for the quoter app, simplifying the experience to one-page – ala calculator – and meeting business goals.  Wireframes and prototypes were delivered in Balsamiq and Axure RP PRO with high degree of interaction and mapping use cases from specifications.

My time at TD could not have been more productive, I Interacted with great teams including product, design, development, QA, operations, marketing, compliance, to develop and manage exceptional UX under TD guidelines and specifications.  Meetings and presentations with stakeholders were crucial to hit success criteria; as well as participation in ideation sessions, brain storming and review discussions. We were all cross-pollinating. Good times.

View Portfolio for TD Case Study

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