Canada Post

Canadapost SSO signup flowProject Single Sign On was designed to bring Canadapost and Epost users under the same login username and provide a customized experience for Consumers and Business during the Signup process for a user account.

The experience for Canadapost return users under the SSO world was crafted to provide the options of tagging accounts as Consumer or Business, merge with ePost and update usernames that were not compliant with security standards. The flow was designed in a streamlined approach to minimize interaction time and get the user to her final destination quickly.

Main activities during this contract were relegated to the following:

  • Built UX deliverables for major projects within the Digital Delivery Network
  • Participated on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with stakeholders and developers
  • Held responsibility for UX design of Epost and Canadapost Single Sign On experiences
  • Conducted Usability tests and research for SSO and My Account projects
  • Helped the preparation of training demos for Helpdesk and Support personnel

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