OrngeThe giant Ornge, leader in emergency services and transport medicine, commissioned me to redesign their Homepage and subpages. Their goals were to increase brand loyalty, traffic and public  awareness of their activity.

(this Case Study was written by Burntsand in its entirety)



Website was not getting a lot of hits and was not representative of the client’s mission statement or vision

Ornge is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, Ornge is responsible for operations including the contracting of flight service providers, medical oversight of all transport medicine paramedics, and screening all transfers of patients between hospitals in Ontario. Ornge is one of the largest and most intricate transport medicine organizations in North America. However, unlike emergency medical service providers, Ornge is not accessible to the public through 911. Their web presence is a necessity. Their old website was not getting a lot of hits, was old fashioned looking, not compatible with certain technologys and was not reflective of the companies mission statement and business value.

“Boris is all about user-centric and adoption strategies, he is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who understands very well how to engage the user in any online experience.”

Jennifer Tracey. Marketing Vice President. Ornge.


Burntsand and Zecora redesigned the architecture and visuals to create a state of the art, aesthetically appealing, optimized website the reflects who they are

Burntsand’s Information Architect, website developer, User Experience developer and Zecora Visual Designer went in, met with Ornge’s stakeholders and from their remapped the entire site, adding new sections and pages and making the navigation much more user and search engine friendly.
Burntsand and Zecora added Web 2.0 capabilities to the site, optimized it for all browsers, monitors and mobile browsing. Created intranet site for employees to post news, collaborate on activities and projects and have advanced search and contact management functionality.


  • New website gets much more traffic
  •   New website reflects their mission which is compassion, collaboration and innovation
  •   New website has activity tracking in real time which is easily done by internal IT support
  •   New site inspires user confidence which in turn increases business and market share
  •   Much more information is available internally and externally
  •   New site is compatible with current technology


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