I am Boris Iglesias, a Senior User Experience (UX) Architect with over 9 years experience in Interaction Design, Usability, Information Architecture (IA) and User Interface Design (UI). Specialist in SAAS, desktop and mobile software projects. Contracts as a consultant on project based terms for on-site or remote work conditions.

A little about myself:

First a freelancer, then a UX contractor, I currently move between these two waters. Those years in the late 90s served me well to jump into digital. Ten years later I found myself in the middle of the UX revolution; and just as Malcolm Gladwell puts it in “Outliers”: I had the ten thousand hours and the moment was ripe. My title changed to include the word UX and my language changed too. Experience and diversity became a must. From corporate, to government to start-ups. Since then, I have been adding entries to my resume and keeping my Evernotes on lessons learned. In the meantime, life moves on; enjoying photography, road biking, travel, cooking and sailing.

What’s something I’m particularly proud of working on or building in the past?

Hackathons. Oh boy, there is something magical when a bunch of guys spend the night solving a problem over pizza. One of these sessions gave birth to one of my faves: A dashboard with interface to show KPIs to sales managers. Sexy stuff. On the opposite end, I felt proud when the City of Toronto rolled out their Budget App for Daycares. It was awesome to see all these old ladies smiling in front of their computers after years of dealing with exhaustive paperwork and cumbersome forms.

What types of projects would I love to work on?

Innovative, disruptive but also grounded and with a vision. Horizontally managed teams. Cycles where we ship, we learn, rinse & repeat. Innovation, not as a cliché word but as an element of the company culture.

Is there anything out there in the Web about me?

Yes! check my interview with Baron Magazine for the things that make me tick, and how I prototype UX solutions with Justinmind

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